Working With Glossy Lids


Glossy. You wouldn’t think of that when you think of eye makeup right? Especially because it sounds sticky & no one wants a sticky eyelid. Actually, I’ve been obsessed with it since I saw the topic on Into the Gloss a few years ago! I haven’t ever had the courage to do on myself – because quite frankly my hooded lids won’t allow it – so, I tried it on one of my photo clients a few weeks ago and I have to say, this may be a go-to look for the rest of life. 

I wanted to go for a semi-natural look. “I still want to look like myself”, is what she told me. Which is why the look has softer brows and contour. We all know contouring can change the entire look of your face. I’m sure you all are wanting to know how I created this glossy look. No, I didn’t use any fancy product to break your pocket.  I simply used, eyeshadow & …drumroll please, vaseline. I’ve seen a lot of articles that suggest using MAC’s Clear gloss or Glossier’s Balm Dot Calm, but I found that Vaseline does the trick at literally a fraction of the price.


Eyes Morphe 35O
Brows Wet n’ Wild
Face MAC Matchmaster 9
NARS Concealer ‘Cafe’
Lips MAC Lady Danger
Lashes Koko Lashes Diva

“I still want to look like myself.”Client

All in all, I think the look turned out well. Oh, did I forget to mention, this was my first time seriously doing makeup for one of my photo clients? I wonder if I should offer it as an add-on service…

Have you ever tried glossed lids? Tell me your experience with your favorite makeup looks!