Working Girl

A concept made popular by Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, A$AP Yamz (whom was said to have coined the word cozy for his laid back looks), as well as various instagram celebrities, the “cozy look” otherwise known as “athleisure” has become a super trend in street style and even high fashion. It dominated the Spring 2017 runways, with high-end designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang and high-street stores like Zara incorporating the trend in their new collections. My inspiration for this look actually stemmed from a look on Kim Kardashian-West earlier this year


My favorite part of this outfit are these lace up ankle boots from Ego. Now, I’m 100% sure we can thank the West’s for popularizing the “sock boot” trend and Yeezy’s $750+ take on the style of shoe seem to sell out in minutes. Since pulling a Carrie Bradshaw and buying shoes instead of paying bills is not apart of my life plan, I opted for the still gorgeous – and 3x cheaper – option. As an added bonus, I’d say that they are probably the most comfortable shoes I own at the moment. A+!

Speaking of Working Girl, that’s exactly what I want to be this year. At the end of 2017, I started to realize that I have been sleeping on my goals. I’ve been letting life pass me by, only to see others living out my aspirations. Two big items on my list of goals this year is to start another business and also do more freelance work. I haven’t been 100% comfortable with my work and that causes me to book less clientele, but they say closed mouths don’t get fed, so I’m preparing to hold my mouth wide open.

Do you have any goals for 2018?

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