Spicing it up


I’m always trying to find new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I’ve always had a very tailored look, but I needed to add some spice to my life. I wanted to add a little more sexy, if you know what I mean. Now, I am no stranger to the crop top, but I will admit wearing a full on bustier in public was NOT the easiest walk in the park. In my 2018, path to self-confidence, I decided to pick out some pieces that would challenge my idea of myself …I wanted to look how I feel. In my head, I’ve always wanted to show more skin, be free, but sometimes – well most of the time – my insecurities or the fear of other’s opinions stopped me. But, believe you me (in my Wendy Williams voice), my sexy will be back in 2018.

Matte Brand bustier
Zara pyjama trousers
Ego lace up boots
Pretty Little Thing sunnies



What is your favorite clothing item that makes you feel sexy?

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