Scary Spice

Have you ever come across a piece you just knew you had to have? I have, maybe even too many times to count, but recently Matte Brand (one of my favorite indie – and black owned – brands) recently released their new collection ‘SIREN’, which included the SIREN PVC pants. Now, I’m never one to hype up a product unless it’s good…and y’all they are really good. Plus, you all should know by now that anything in black warms my soul.


There are so many versions of patent leather pants on the internet, but these caught my eye because of the front to back zipper detail. I also love the small flare at the bottom, something other versions of these lack. They also fit like a glove. I mean they seriously melt to the skin! Since they are winter pants, they also have a soft warm lining on the inside…smart! I paired them with a top and this stunning bag from Bare It All Clothing, another one of my favorites!

I can honestly say I am feeling very Scary Spice-esque with these pants! I can’t wait to see what else they release! Still debating if I should get them in red…

Street Walker

Guess who’s back? Back again. Demi’s back. Tell a friend! It’s been literally forever since

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