Fresh Ambition

Happy Monday! I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off *name that song LOL*. Life has been extremely busy for me the last couple months. I’ve started a new job that I enjoy and (thinking about) starting on my Master’s degree. all while trying to navigate this thing they call adult life. I know I’ve always said once I was finished with my undergraduate degree that I’d be completely done with school but, you know, money calls…I saw this quote in Cosmo that said “I have 99 problems and basically all of them could be solved by staying in bed.” …If there was ever a quote to describe adulthood, THAT.IS.IT.

I have officially declared olive as my signature Fall color. I have no regrets about it at all. I still can’t get over how amazing this Forever 21 overcoat is. It’s been literally glued to by body since I bought it. I usually get my coats from Zara, but I wanted to try something different – and cheaper – this one is the BOMB DOT COM. The hat I’m wearing from Speak Nation embodies everything I’m doing right now. Speak Nation is a clothing line based out of Atlanta that creates some really dope pieces. The whole brand stands for creativity and being an artist in every form. This hat is limited edition from their last collection called “Fresh Ambition”. You can see more about Speak Nation at or their website or their Instagram.

All photos by Darius Marshall

7 thoughts on “Fresh Ambition

  1. Omgosh I love what you did in this look! Definitely giving off some safari vibes but the olive tones are just GORGEOUS!! You lip color suits the look really well too! Beautiful look.
    xx freshfizzle

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