Leather + Lace

To compliment the lace in the dress, I added this lace choker from ASOS. Thinking back, I would have never had the confidence to wear something like this a few years ago. I am absolutely loving my growth in confidence and self-esteem. It’s an amazing feeling.On a personal note, I started my classes this week! […]

White Jumpsuit

I’m super excited to continue on my road to consistent and updated content. I’ve been into a lot of blogging webinars lately and I’m determined to take What Demi Wore to a higher level. Being consistent creates great accomplishments. Also, side note…white is becoming my color for Spring. Have a fantastic Tuesday! I’m headed to […]

Halter Top + Tuxedo Pants

Happy Monday! Lately, the days have been running together since I find myself ripping and running 7 days a week doing things for WDW & Speak Nation. But hey, if you don’t invest in yourself, who will? The days are long and I’m always tired, but consistency is key. To add to everything else, I’m […]

When in Doubt, Maxi Dress

Who wants to take the time to coordinate pieces when you can pop on this bad boy and be out the door? This one I’m wearing is Material Girl by Gwen Stefani…by way of Macy’s. The dress was initially Morticia Adam style, leaving me almost unable to walk properly, so I got scissor happy + […]

A Damn Good Bodysuit

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really starting to love a good bodysuit. I’m sure it’s because they’ve been everywhere, but I love how they can easily be paired with jeans or skirt with little to no effort. Funny this is, before I researched different ways to wear them, I found them absolutely […]

Woman in White

Happy Monday! It’s really starting to feel like Spring – we have the pollen count to prove it – and it’s time to start pulling those lighter colors out of the bin in the back of your closet. I’m 1000% sure I have some Spring shopping to do mainly because I’ve been focused on home decor […]


I was feeling really native today in this suede camel dress! I’ve been holding on to it for when it got warm and I was finally able to break it out. The color wasn’t one I’d usually wear, but I kept seeing this dress in different versions in every clothing store I went to, so […]