Scary Spice

Have you ever come across a piece you just knew you had to have? I have, maybe even too many times to count, but recently Matte Brand (one of my favorite indie – and black owned – brands) recently released their new collection ‘SIREN’, which included the SIREN PVC pants. Now, I’m never one to […]

Ragtrade Atlanta Fashion Week 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the RAGTRADE’s 2017 Atlanta Fashion Week Show this year, sponsored by Lincoln Motor Company! Ragtrade, which hosts Atlanta’s official fashion week, showcases upcoming and solidified designers in the city. This Ragtrade’s 3rd year hosting the event. Lincoln showcased their new line-up of vehicles, specifically the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator […]

Street Walker

Guess who’s back? Back again. Demi’s back. Tell a friend! It’s been literally forever since I last blogged. I ended up losing my photographer who I’ve used for the last 4 years *insert Boys to Men ballad here* and who knew it would be so hard to find another?What have I been up to as […]

The Perfect Denim Jacket

Oh, the denim jacket. How very 90s of me! To be quite honest, I haven’t even crossed path with a denim jacket in ages, but at last, this denim jacket from Lucky brand has come in and converted me into a true believer!  Speaking of embroidered, that is what actually drew me to this jacket. […]

Casually Olive

At last! We’re starting to see a real winter here in Atlanta. I didn’t ask for it to be an 18 degree type of winter, but you gotta take the crooked with the straights. The news created mass hysteria – as they do every winter – because we were supposed to have a “snowpocolypse” this […]

Cotton Striped Coat

Happy New Year! Let’s be clear, 2016 was no walk in the park. While I can definitely say there was plenty of good that crossed my path, there was surely a trail of bad vibes speeding on by. Nonetheless, through rolled eyes and gritted teeth, I continued to glow all 2016. I’m expecting that and much […]

Pink + White

Before I wore this outfit, I texted my friend Sasha and asked if it was still wrong to wear white after Labor Day. She assured me that no one cares about that any more so, here I am! To break up the white, I threw on this pink leather jacket. Now, to my loyal readers […]

Paisley + Denim

I initially had some reservations about these Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans, mainly because of the embroidery – I mistook it for being distressed – but after a while (and a few compliments), I think I’ve grown to like them. They aren’t typical for me, because I normally hate any type of prints, patches, embroidery, etc…but […]


When I graduated from college, I applied to every single PR agency in my area. I’m sure if you search “resume” in my email, the search result will kick back at least 100 emails almost begging for a chance. Needless to say, I got 100 “your portfolio is great, but we’re not hiring” bits & […]