Rose Colored Glasses

Back in November – November 30th to be exact – I attended my friend Brianna’s book release party for her book ‘Rose Colored Glasses: A Poetry Collective‘. She set up the perfect atmosphere at the Dream Cafe, a local Atlanta cafe that allows artist to perform their work. Though this was an extremely exciting moment […]


I had the pleasure to work with SCAD student and Click Models Represented photographer, Drew McCreary on a shoot! He is a wonderful spirit and a dear to work with! I talked with him about my trials and tribulations of trying to move up in the world of modeling and fashion. Thankfully, he had some […]

Angels and Demons

(Photos by Darius Marshall)Photo 2: Hat: Thrifted, Dress: H&M, Shoes: H&M, Bag: ThriftedToday, I had the pleasure of shooting with a great friend of mine. As you can see the shots came out amazing! I’m actually surprised of how well I ┬ádid. It took forever for us to find good places to shoot but in […]