Casually Olive

At last! We’re starting to see a real winter here in Atlanta. I didn’t ask for it to be an 18 degree type of winter, but you gotta take the crooked with the straights. The news created mass hysteria – as they do every winter – because we were supposed to have a “snowpocolypse” this past weekend. Turns out, it was just freezing rain. It was a bit disappointing, but at least I got to leave work early!

+ WEARING: Forever 21 Coat (similar), ZARA top, ZARA Jeans, Nike Roshe One Sneakers , Iridium SunniesZARA Crossbody Bag 

With cold weather comes my trusty olive coat. It’s suprisingly thick and heavy seeing as it came from Forever 21. I kept it pretty casual and paired it with some crisp blue jeans and some Nikes. Chill outfit for a chill day.

Photos by Deion Maison for What Demi Wore


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      Feyi A

      Love this look! We always overreact to the tiniest drop of snow in ATL lol

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      Cute outfit nice and causal, love the olive coat!

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      Kelly Rose

      Olive is absolutely to dye for

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      I’m loving your style and photography! This coat is gorgeous – I love the colour olive – and your scarf on your handbag just gives a lovely added detail.
      Sian xx <a href="">Rebel Angel</a>

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      Racquel Bianca John

      Great outfit!


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