5 Podcasts to Liven Your Commute

Podcasts are my favorite thing to do to pass the time. Sometimes, I listen when I’m at home cooking dinner or lounging around, but my favorite time to listen is on my commute to work. It tends to make time go by quicker and calm me down so my little hint of road rage doesn’t come out during traffic.

Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

The Read – This was the first podcast I ever listened to and will forever be my favorite! The podcast led by Kid Fury & Crissle is (not up for debate) the best and funniest podcast I have ever come across. Both hosts bring their own style of humor to the show as they talk about hot topics in entertainment, answer the craziest listener emails (some of them are WILD) and give verbal tongue-lashings in the ‘Read’ segment.

I don’t have a favorite episode, because all of them are good, however, check out the latest episode where they discuss the latest Quincy Jones interviews, here.

The Joe Budden Podcast – Some people know him for his single ‘Pump It Up‘ back in the day, his No Love Lost EP era (which is brilliant btw), being a twitter troll, or recently from Everyday Struggle, but some people didn’t know that he has actually had a very entertaining podcast for the last 3 years. It was my second podcast pickup after discovering The Read. Leading the charge, alongside are Rory & Mal who add their own hilarious views to the mix. If you’re looking for some insight on the behind-the-scenes happenings in the music industry, I suggest checking it out.

Check out the episode where Joe talks about his rumored beef with Eminem & his twitter beef with Bizarre from D12, here.

Marisa Explains It All  – If you’re looking for a funny podcast with a diverse group of co-hosts, this podcast is for you. I originally found out about Marisa (the host) from The Joe Budden Podcast, and migrated along with her when she started her own. Marisa and her co-hosts Mike Zombie, Derek (and unofficially Chelsea & Joyce) often chat about hot topics in the media and behind the scenes of working in media. As an aspiring media person myself, it’s very eye-opening and fun to listen to! She also throughs in some spicy escapes from her personal life, which is an added bonus.

Here’s on of my favorites episodes where Marisa and the crew interview instagrammer & rapper GuapDad4000, here.

On One with Angela Rye – Hosted by one of my absolute faves, this podcast answers the tough political, racial and pop culture topics.  And, if you don’t know who Angela Rye is (she needs no introduction) but please Google her (:

Listen to the latest episode where she talks with Debra Lee, Tessa Thompson, & Stephanie Allain about how Black Women are leading the revolution, here.

The Brilliant Idiots – I love this podcast, quite frankly, because Charlamagne tha God is on it. Listen to him and Andrew Schultz debate various political topics, media, industry news and much more. Please be advised that they cover very controversial topics and Charlamagne or Andrew Schultz don’t hold back.

Check out their latest episode, here.

For me, podcasts that make me laugh are essential! What kind of podcasts do you listen to?

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