Clear Skin with Glossier

I will start off by saying this….the hype is worth it. Often times I come across products that are hyped up all across the lands, just to get it myself and I get immediate buyer’s remorse. This is definitely not the case with Glossier.

I have been using Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser for about a year now. I’ve been planning a review earlier, but I wanted to give it a while to see the long term effect it’s had on my skin. This is a conditioning daily face wash, which can also be used to wash away makeup and is supposed to leave your skin feeling “healthy + soft”, not tight. After using this for a while, this has definitely become one of my holy grails of face washes. Many other cleansers I use leave my skin feeling striped of moisure, tight and leaves an ashy cast on my skin because it’s so dry. With this cleaser, I never have that problem. I also love that it’s very gentle + doesn’t burn the eyes like some other cleansers. Another fun fact, is that one of the Key ingredients is ‘Rose Water” which makes for a clean, fresh scent.


I have been on the search for another moisturizer to replace my coveted Aveeno “Positively Radiant” Moisturizer and I think I’ve found my new gem. I have very dry skin, so any moisturizer I use has to be thick and creamy or else my skin will go right back to being dry. I can honestly say this really does exactly what it boosts, “keeps skin moisturized hour after hour”. Most days I use it right before bed and in the morning as a base under makeup. It’s been amazing and will probably be replacing Aveeno in my skin care routine.

*FTC: not sponsored, opinions are all my own.

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    Thanks for the review. Can you use this on sensitive skin?

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      Demi Wells

      Definitely! These products can be used on any skin type (:

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