Rose Colored Glasses

Back in November – November 30th to be exact – I attended my friend Brianna’s book release party for her book ‘Rose Colored Glasses: A Poetry Collective‘. She set up the perfect atmosphere at the Dream Cafe, a local Atlanta cafe that allows artist to perform their work.

Though this was an extremely exciting moment for my friend, it was exciting for me as well, because the images inside as well as the cover art was photographed by me! If you recall a few months back, I posted on Instagram that I was playing around with portraits. This was the end result! Believe it or not, this was my first experience dealing with portrait photography! I am still overjoyed and honored that Brianna believed enough in my art to allow me to photograph her for her big project!

Rose Colored Glasses can be purchased, here or on

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    Feyi A

    This is amazing! Congrats xx

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    DEMI!!!! Thank you for supporting me and being a part of my first book!!! I am forever grateful.

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