Shooting with Sasha from Quaint Revolt

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting with my fellow blogger + awesome friend, Sasha of I few years ago – maybe four to be exact – I met Sasha when I still had dreams of pursuing a modeling career. At the time, she was starting out as a stylist and was styling one of my shoots. We were doing a photoshoot in the middle of a park and none of the models brought enough shoes to cover the outfits. Now, during my model training days, I was always told to keep all of my shoes in the trunk of my car in case a shoe emergency ever came about, so of course, here I come with my suitcase full of shoes to save the day. I remember Sasha almost shrieking “OMG you brought all these good shoes!”. I think at that moment was when we both realized we’d make good friends! (I still joke with her about making me change butt naked in the middle of an open park LOL.)

Later on she created Quaint Revolt, where she documents, not only her own style and fashion tips, but also interviews and documents the lives of other creatives around the city of Atlanta. Often times, if you’re not “popping” on social media or always on the social scene, it can be hard for creatives to get people to see their work and they can sometimes fall invisible to the hype surrounding bigger individuals.

 Quaint Revolt helps to bring all creatives to the forefront, not matter what type of medium, and expose their vision to a diverse audience. Sasha later created #BlackGirlsBeSlaying which showcases – according to Instagram – the intelligence, beauty and talents of black women across the globe.

Check out Sasha’s website and follow her on social media!

+ Website – Quaint | Instagram(s) – @quaintrevolt @quaintrevoltmag @blackgirlsbeslaying | Twitter – @quaintrevolt

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