Pink + White

Monday is here again! Time to start off another kick ass week! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that the last couple days I’ve felt weird due to PESD, or post-election stress disorder – I’m going to trademark this LOL – but after taking time to reflect, I’m determined to pick myself up and move forward.

Before I wore this outfit, I texted my friend Sasha and asked if it was still wrong to wear white after Labor Day. She assured me that no one cares about that any more so, here I am! To break up the white, I threw on this pink leather jacket. Now, to my loyal readers who’ve been following me for years, please do not faint. This is not a dream. Yes I am wearing a color, and pink of all things! Never thought we would see the day, huh? I am slowly but surely trying to put color back into my wardrobe. Mostly muted, neutral colors, but still!

I’m finding out that a little color in your life can go a long way, in more ways than one (:

Photos by Deion Maison for What Demi Wore

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    I have this jacket! I bought it the day after my last ever deadline at uni! Years of hard work lead to this beauty!! Love how you have paired it with all white, something I must really try out myself! Love your blog by the way, going to follow you right now!

    Laura xx

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    Abigail Lee

    That shade of pink looks AMAZING on you! I’m not crazy about how pastels look on me so I love seeing other women rock it. Love this look!

    Abigail Lee

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