This weekend was everything! Thanks to Lucky Brand, my friend Sasha and I flew up to NYC this weekend for some food, fashion and fun.  I have a love-hate relationship with New York City, but the busy loud street can seem oddly calming.

After an Uber debacle at the airport, we got to Hotel on Rivington in Soho, which by the way, is the absolute best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Upon arrival, they provided us with free wine and gave us some chocolates and strawberries just for staying with them!


When I graduated from college, I applied to every single PR agency in my area. I’m sure if you search &#

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The room was great with an amazing view!

There is a quaint little cafè on the first floor of the hotel called Cafe Medi, where the walls are covered with a beautiful mural.

Also stopped by the CondèNast building. Foreshadowing? Your move Condè.

This was tad bit emotional because Carrie Bradshaw is my soul sister. I’ve always had a pretty healthy obsession with Carrie – and by default SJP – so this was everything I needed.

Somehow, Sasha and I ended up wearing matching outfits almost everyday.  Get out of my brain! LOL.

Catching this photo on our plane ride home, symbolized how I felt in that moment. Beautiful & Blessed.

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    Thanks for sharing this, felt I was along for the ride. Beautiful pictures and great commentary!

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